Sand Ground Engineering fleet of state of the art equipment with there unique black livery has been specially modified for use in the soft conditions of sand and play a vital role in the business. The excavators have been fitted with long undercarriages and 800mm track plates to substantially reduce ground pressure and un-necessary vibration. Coupled with their extended dipper arms their working range is substantially increased to that that of standard configured machinery.

For more in depth specifications on the machinery please click a link below.

PSM8 Anchor Rig Soil Mech SR30 Tescar CF3
Kobelco SK 330lc – 6 Kobelco SK 250lc – 6 Kobelco SK 210lc – 6
Kobelco SK 225 – 6 Kobelco SK 50 – 6 Kobelco SK 45 – 6
Kobelco SK 35    

In addition to the excavators Sand Excavation has a large range of attachments such as:

Vibrating Buckets Power Screens