Bored Piling

Large diameter bored piles are non displacement piles which are commonly used where large vertical loads or bending moments must be carried by a single unit. Bored piles founded in rock provide an effective means of minimising foundation settlements and a small number of high capacity bored piles can often provide significant savings in pile cap costs over other, lower capacity, pile types.

Being non displacement type piles, bored piles can be installed with little or no vibration, and with much lower noise levels than driven piles.

Sand Ground Engineering has a range of equipment available for the execution of bored piles ranging from limited headroom equipment to modern all hydraulic tracked machines capable of drilling holes in soil and rock.

Various methods of support for the sides of bored piles during construction are available. These can be selected to suit the type of formation being drilled, the ground water regime encountered, and site environmental constraints.